OneMind Technologies' Experience

Since connected objects and systems will become the heart of smart places,
we want to simplify their usage and connectivity.
We want to help companies and cities makes smart decisions in real-time, based on their own data.

Our Partners

We are partnering worldwide with Dell Technologies, Orange Business Services and STEE.
We build intelligent IoT solutions – by analyzing the present, we predict the future. We simplify access to the IoT.  We are preparing the transition to tomorrow’s world, more predictable thanks to new technologies. 


Find out how to connect all the data a city generate and synchronize efforts to make
city operations more efficient.
Find out how to connect a worksite to monitor in real-time the flow of workers, respond to emergency, control progress of activites.
Find out how to provide a hypervision view
of an airport’s operation through the analysis, visualization and real-time insights.

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